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About Friends Marin Headlands

Our Organization

Friends Marin Headlands was formed in 2016 as a Facebook page to shine a light on development encroaching the Golden Gate National Recreation Area GGNRA. Our current concern is the Sausalito Ridge, in the so-called Wolfback neighborhood, above the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin headlands, now under threat of further large scale development.


While there are already some homes on the Ridge, the average square footage of the existing homes in the very old and established Wolfback neighborhood is only 2318 square feet. There is currently a proposal before the Planning Commission for a 6590 square foot new home, highly visible from the GGNRA with walls of glass. It is proposed to be 108 feet long and 80 feet wide. We believe that any new homes that would be built there must follow the Environmental Impact Report  EIR for the subdivision which contemplated 2,000-4,000 square feet dwellings and two-car garages.   

Our Organization
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