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Areas of Concern

Environmental Impact

The Marin Headlands is part of the GGNRA, and sits directly above the Golden Gate Bridge. There are many concerns regarding environmental impacts of development on the park land. Environmental impacts include view impacts to the GGNRA and for visitors of the park area, impacts to wildlife from light, and to migratory birds. The GGNRA is a known migratory bird path. Building huge houses with walls of glass in this zone is not appropriate and should not be allowed. We believe that it is imperative that this precious ridge seen in the photograph and for miles in any direction from the San Francisco Bay Area deserves to be protected and minimally disturbed by development. 


Wildfires & Mudslides

Climate change is rapidly accelerating at a rate far beyond what people understood even twenty years ago. In California, we have seen in the past five years an extraordinary number of fires across the state. The Ridge above the GGNRA is in the Wildfire Urban Interface zone WUI. The area below the Wolfback Ridge has experienced mudslides before and increased development and storm water run-off increases such risks.


Light Pollution 

The issue of light pollution in a beautiful wilderness area is significant.

From the GGNRA in Southern Marin, large houses with walls of glass will be highly visible and brilliant at night and light up the GGNRA like a lantern. 

In addition to the 6590 square foot home currently under consideration before the Sausalito Planning Commission, the developer/applicant has just purchased three additional lots and the developer/applicants’ architect has done a study of future development of those three sites adjacent to the GGNRA. Any project approved beyond the scale of homes contemplated by the EIR will set a precedent for future development. 


Density & Traffic

The more houses you build in the hills of Marin, the more traffic you attract. With out-of-scale homes, and excessive grading of pristine ridge lines, and garages for many cars, you only increase noise, congestion, and disruption to the peace and quiet of this natural wilderness area. Hundreds of trucks removing earth and rock when buildings are under construction take an enormous toll on the narrow mountain roads of Marin.


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