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Protect the Marin Headlands for

Future Generations

About Our

Friends Marin Headlands is a community activist group concerned with the Golden Gate National Recreation Area GGNRA and works to promote awareness of the impact of continued development bordering the pristine open lands of Marin County, California.

Lot 5 to Mudslide #2.jpg
Environmental Impact
Wildfires & Mudslides
Light Pollution
Density & Traffic

Share Your Time

We are a grassroots organization just getting started!

The best donation you can make is through communication.

Marin has a reputation for its exquisite beauty and proximity to Nature. We oppose out-of-scale homes bordering our public lands, particularly on unique Ridge Lines.  Our Facebook page is our first social media platform. More to follow!

 Facebook Group 

We'd love to have your help!

Want to get involved? 

We are looking for people to spread the word on social media. Please visit our Facebook Group and share your thoughts and feelings with your friends.

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